Junior Scholars Club

Kindergarten through 8th Grade students
experience enrichment and development in…

  • junior scholar clubHebrew Reading and Vocabulary
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Weekly Torah Portions – Biblical Stories
  • Highlights of Jewish History
  • Jewish Identity & Israel
  • Hands-on Learning

All of this in a fun learning environment with

  • junior scholar clubRecreational Activities
  • Jewish Enrichment Field Trips
  • Music
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Games
Track 1
Children with minimal or no prior involvement
in a formal Jewish education program
Track 2
Children presently enrolled in a formal
Jewish education program

JSC flyer summer 2015

Classes are Sundays 9:15 – 11:30 am

Winter Semester

December 27th – February 28th

Spring Semester

March 6th – June 5th

About the Junior Scholars Club:

junior scholar clubJewish education begins in the cradle. We seek to further that education with our youngest constituents, the elementary age youth. On a weekly basis, our loving and well-trained instructors utilize a variety of teaching methods to imbue in the children Jewish values as well as basic and advanced Torah lessons, depending on the age and level of each student. Presently, we are focusing on Hebrew reading and writing. These skills are so crucial to Jewish learning and a child that has mastered them will see new vistas opened to him or her. This program has seen much success in the past years. We are seeking to build upon that foundation while strengthening our numbers and providing an even more well-rounded education to each and every child. Come and join our ranks!

Companion Sessions

 For Parents/Guardians to ensure the Children a Judaism-Supporting Home Environment

The children are arriving home armed with a Jewish education. Are their parents prepared to study with them? Are they as educated as their children and eager to share their new discoveries with them? In conjunction with the popular Junior Scholars Club, we will hold companion study sessions geared for the parents of our students. We will keep them up-to-date on their children’s knowledge, as well as coaching the parents to help further their children’s Jewish education at home. This will foster a heightened interest and awareness of our Jewish identity even outside of venues such as the JRC. Please stay tuned for more details.