Our Jewish Outreach – Rabbi Yehuda Salkow

The Jewish Resource Center of the Poconos offers resources for a broad range of cultural, educational and social Jewish experiences. These experiences connect and inspire all that participate thereby fostering Jewish continuity.

Rabbi Yehuda SalkowThe Jewish Resource Center of the Poconos was founded in 2006 by Rabbi Yehuda Salkow. His love and vision for the growth and connection of every Jewish person inspired him to create a venue from which inspiration and spirituality could flow throughout the greater region. All who have benefited from the Center and Rabbi Yehuda Salkow are continuously amazed by the many ways that their lives have been touched.

The JRC’s curriculum of events and programs is designed to offer stimulating and enjoyable content for all  ages, irrespective of anyone’s political or religious affiliations. Whether you are interested in youth programs, Holiday experiences, Torah classes, or Heritage Trips, the JRC has something for everyone!

The JRC is the place to connect with others who share your interests, and make friends with people who care about you. No matter what your marital, parenthood, or career status is, if you want to become more educated about your heritage and connect with your own people, the JRC is the place for you.