Jewish Home Pocono Myth or Fact

“I’m not Jewish. I can’t go to the JH”

Myth! Over half of all the residents at the Jewish Home are not of the Jewish faith. The Jewish Home respects, and readily accommodates, all residents regardless of their religious affiliations. Wherever possible, the JH will meet residents’ religious needs and provide the appropriate services.

“Scranton is too far. It makes no sense to consider these services”

Myth! Situating your loved ones in an environment that offers the highest quality of care, state-of-the-art facilities and conveniently accessible amenities make the easy drive well worth the trouble. While the Jewish Home is a 45 min drive from Stroudsburg, it may be even closer to where you live.

“I don’t have private insurance. I cannot afford it”

Myth! The Jewish Home accepts Medicare, Medicaid and other insurances. Contact us. We will review the details of your situation and let you know how the Jewish Home can help.

“Although I am looking to downsize and get into a more appropriate living environment, I don’t need a nursing home, so Elan Gardens and Webster Towers are not for me”

Myth! While Webster Towers offers totally independent living and Elan Gardens offers supportive living, neither of these facilities are nursing homes.

“Moving to the Scranton area doesn’t make sense because I don’t drive and I don’t know my way around’

Myth! Residents of Webster Towers, Elan Gardens and the Jewish Home enjoy door-to-door transportation for shopping and medical appointments. Most amenities are in proximity of these facilities and can be easily accessed.